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Ian Vellosa

Why can't my @QNAP_nas play nicely with @CrashPlan?

1 min read

I should start this off by saying I love both my QNAP NAS and the online backup service provided by CrashPlan. When I found that there were packages that could be installed on the NAS which would automatically backup to the cloud it seemed like the perfect solution. At home I make sure all photos get copied to the NAS, then the CrashPlan process does it's magic and makes sure that they are all backedup.


Another really nice feature is there are periodic email reports with the current state of your backups, i.e.:


CrashPlan backup report

As you can see, there is a small issue with the backup (for the past 3 months!) This appears to happen often when the QNAP software gets updated. I tried removing and reinstalling the package, without success.


Finally, I resorted to the google searching and found a post on the QNAP forums, where dynek has patched the latest version of Java. This is worked for me, and everything is back as expected. 


Why is it that we need to rely on users to patch the JDK? Why can't QNAP fix these issues?