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Ian Vellosa

Philips Hue motion sensor: I like it, but not for the living room (yet?) @tweethue

2 min read

Over the past few months I've been changing out the light in our apartment for some of the plain white Philips Hue lamps. On the whole I've been pretty impressed. Using apps like Yonomi I was able to set up a kids bedtime routine, where with the click of a single button, the main lamp in the kids room turns off, the side lamp dims to 1% and the Sonos starts playing lullabies at 15% volume.

When the Philips Hue motion sensor came out, I thought that this had great promise for the living room. With the two modes (night and day time) it can be set so that during the day when the light level is low, the lights come on when motion is detected. At night if motion is detected, then the lights come on dimmed, so that your not startled on the way to the bathroom. It all sounded great.

I'm also using the Harmony remote to control the lights. (After sunset) when watching the TV the lights dim to 85%, or when watching a film they dim to 65%. When the TV turns off the lights come up again. However, while the lights are dimmed, and the motion sensor sensor picks up movement, it turns the lights back to full brightness. Not quite the result I was looking for.

On the whole I do still like the motion sensor idea. We are having some issues remembering _not_ to turn the lights off when leaving the room, and relying on the motion sensor to do this.