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Ian Vellosa

#Chromecast get a wired connection, and I love it!

2 min read

Since the Google Chromecast was first introduced I've loved the device. It just feels like the fight way to control the TV, you use the rich interface on your phone to find what you want to watch and then with the press of a button it's on your TV. Having only played briefly with Apple TV, and it's silly little remote control, Chromecast just feels right.

There were some issues with the original Chromecast where streaming would occasionally buffer. With Netflix it was fine, but Plex did have quite a few issues, even with the WiFi access point in the same room. Ensuring that the WiFi connection to the Chromecast was not encrypted by Plex did help (as the Chromecast only has limited processing power), but there were still issues.

Rumour had it that the second version of Chromecast had better WiFi connectivity, so I upgraded, but unfortunately it didn't really help.

When the latest, Chromecast Ultra came out, again I started to look into the connectivity again. This time I saw that there is the option of a wired connection, using a specialised power adapter. Even better still, this is backwards compatible with the prior Chromecasts. As soon as I saw this I ordered one up, and last night it was installed.


So far I've been impressed. Installation was simple, just plug in and go. After that I was able to immediately able to start casting.